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We traveled around Latvia in three years, now it’s time to continue exploring Latvia’s smaller roads, that’s why a new offer has been made – to drive through Latvia from east to west. Ultra gravel Latvia, as the name suggests, will be an ultra-long bicycle ride along a certain route in the territory of Latvia, mainly using gravel roads. The route was designed in such a way that cars would disturb us as little as possible, we would see more forest animals and at the same time we could ride fast – this means that sand baths, swamps, overgrown meadows and plowed fields remain for lovers of MTB races.

We will start on the morning of the Latvian holiday in Zilupe and finish by the Baltic Sea in Bernati during the three holidays, covering 580 km and 2250 altitude meters.

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Nav noliktavā

Nav noliktavā



A specific route has been prepared and planned for the adventure, which leads through Latvia from east to west, including safe, scenic and enjoyable gravel and forest roads. Participants will be tasked with following the marked route on navigation devices, while fans will be able to follow the ride online at Trackcourse.com, as each participant will be equipped with a GPS transmitter.

Start on May 4 at 10:00 in Zilupe, this time at a safe distance from the Russian border, which means that special permits and coordination with the border guard will not be required.

Three checkpoints are located on the route of Ultra gravel Latvia

First checkpoint is Preili

Second checkpoint Valle

Third checkpoint Auce

Finish in Bernati


Zilupe – Preiļi – Jēkabpils – Bauska – Auce – Priekule – Bernati.

Participants will receive GPX files with the route no later than 14 days before the start, which can be loaded into their smart devices and/or cycling computers.

2250 meters of altitude will have to be overcome on the 583 km route.

The participants will be able to freely choose the places to stay – it can be a tent, arranged accommodation, hotels or guest houses.

The route will mostly be on small roads with very little traffic. Distribution of the 583 km route by surface:

10% on asphalt;

10% forest roads;

80% gravel roads.

The entire route has been tested and traveled, there are distinct hills in Latgale and the south of Kurzeme, the rest of the route is flatter and even faster.

The route is not marked in nature, there is no closed or restricted traffic during the race.


The race takes place from May 4th 10:00 AM to May 6th 10:00 PM, which means that 583 kilometers are covered in 60 hours. The entire route is drivable, there will be no sand baths, swamps, plowed fields and other difficult sections, so it is expected that the winners will finish already at noon the next day.

The locations of the checkpoints and the distances between them are known, but it is also determined that the route connects the farthest eastern point of Latvia with the farthest western point in an imaginary line. Members can start planning their accommodation now.


A gravel type bicycle with the fastest possible tires would be the most suitable for the trip, as the route leads mostly on gravel roads.


Each participant will receive a specially designed finisher’s bike shirt from Hops!

When applying, please indicate the size of your cycling shirt in the comment!

The winners in the ladie’s and gentlemen’s group will receive gift cards worth 500 EUR from Velomens travels

The fastest in Strava’s special segment will receive prizes provided by sponsors.


The most important equipment:

  • bicycle;
  • helmet, lights;
  • passport or ID card;
  • smartphone, GPS device or bike computer where you can load a route and follow it;
  • GPS transmitter issued by the organizers;
  • tool kit;
  • powerbank


The participant is included in the list of participants after paying the participation fee!

If you don’t want to receive a bike shirt at the finish, apply using the discount code – bezkrekla and get a 30 EUR discount!


  • GPS transmitter for travel time;
  • valuable prizes for winners;
  • sponsor prizes;
  • member’s personalized number;
  • time control;
  • fully planned and tested routes;
  • shower at the finish and a chance to sleep;
  • unique design finisher cycling jersey from Hops!

Ultra Gravel Latvia regulations