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Internationally popular and appraised ultra-long cycling races have reached the Baltic states. On 4 June this year, the first Baltic ultra championship in road cycling will take place in Sigulda. The participants will have to complete an 800 km long circuit within the control time of 42 hours.

The objective of the competition is to develop the culture of ultra-long distance races in Latvia and to determine the fastest and most enduring racers of the Baltic states.

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On 4 June 2022, the first Baltic ultra championship in road cycling will take place in Sigulda, Latvia. The competition will be organised in accordance with international cycling regulations, by adapting them to local requirements and conditions. Cyclists from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are invited to participate in the race to determine the most enduring and fastest cyclist of the Baltic states.

The route of the 800 kilometre distance will go along the highest asphalt roads of Latvia and Estonia: the total sum of climb metres – approximately 4,200 metres. In some places the roads will take cyclists higher than 260 metres above sea level.

The participants will be tasked to follow the marked route on navigation devices, while the fans will be provided with the opportunity to follow the race live online at, because every participant will be provided with a GPS transmitter. It is important to note that this ultra-long competition is included on the official list of cycling competitions of the Latvian Cycling Federation.

After the start in Sigulda, the participants will have to visit the following control posts:

On the 800 km route there are four control posts:

The first control post – Madona

The second control post – Dagda

The third control post – Alūksne

The fourth control post – Jaunpiebalga


The route has been established in a circuit that the cyclists must complete in a counter-clockwise direction.

10 days before the start, the participants will receive GPX files with the route, which can be uploaded to their personal smart devices and/or cycling computers.

The route shall only lead along asphalt roads in Latvia and Estonia. Minor sections of the route shall lead along major national highways, while most of the route is scheduled on roads with low traffic intensity.

The route is not marked on site, the traffic is not closed or limited during the competition.

800 km with the sum total of climb metres – 4,200 metres.


The competition will be held from 4 June 09:00 a.m. to 6 June 3:00 a.m., which means that 800 kilometres must be completed within 42 hours.

The participants shall plan their rest breaks and meals themselves.


Start and finish in Sigulda, Fischer Sports Centre. The participants must move along the defined route only; the participants must visit four control posts and meet the control time deadline.


The route will lead along asphalt roadways with a diverse quality of asphalt surface. The possibility that road repairs could be in progress at some sections of the route must be taken into consideration, which may interfere with the progress of the participants. The 4,200 metres of climb will provide additional difficulty, as the roads are characterised by pronounced terrain.

After the start and before the finish the participants will have to climb the 27% steep and 500 m long Sigulda hill.


At the distance of 800 km, the following monetary prizes are granted in the men’s and women’s groups: first place – EUR 400, second place – EUR 300, third place – EUR 200.

Each participant will receive a medal for the completion of the distance at finish.

The winners in the men’s and women’s group will receive the Baltic Ultra champion’s cup.

A lottery of 3 prizes from Velomens will be organised among all finishers.

The total pool of prizes in both distances – EUR 3000.

The most important equipment:

  • bicycle;
  • helmet, lights;
  • passport of ID card;
  • smartphone, GPS device, or cycling computer, where the route can be loaded and followed;
  • a GPS transmitter issued by the organisers;
  • set of documents;
  • charging battery (powerbank).


The participant shall be included on the list of participants after having paid the participation fee!


  • GPS transmitter for the time of the race;
  • money prizes to winners and prizes for lottery winners;
  • medals for all finishers;
  • shower, locker rooms and storeroom for personal items at the start/finish;
  • personalised participant number;
  • time control;
  • completely planned route;
  • control posts with refreshments.

The Core Principles of the Regulation:

    • The Baltic ultra championship in road cycling will take place on 4-6 June 2022, in Sigulda.
    • Two distances are available – 430 km and 800 km; the control time of both distances – 42 hours.
    • A GPS transmitter shall be issued to every participant.
    • The route is fixed and only leads along asphalt roads in one circuit. The participants follow the guidance of one, previously received GPX file.
    • The participants shall not receive any external support while riding. Use of accompanying transport is prohibited.
    • Riding in a group with other participants is permitted.
    • Previously known control posts must be visited on the route.
    • Each participant, who travels the entire length of the route and finishes within the deadline of the control time, shall receive a medal for completing the distance.
    • The three fastest racers of each group (women/men) shall receive money prizes at each distance. The total prize pool – EUR 3,000.

Baltic Ultra regulation

Maximum number of Baltic Ultra participants – 100 cyclists!

In the future, the most enduring road cyclists will be determined during the Baltic Ultra race every year.