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In the Baltics, the second ultra championship will take place in the city of cyclists in Kuldīga. This time, two ultra cyclists, Guinness record holders and athletes of the year in their region in folk sports – Arvis Sprude and Krisjanis Ratiniks – have taken care of the planning and organization in order to create the most powerful ultra championship in the Baltics. Competitors will have to complete one 800 km lap on asphalted highways and meet a 48-hour time limit.

The purpose of the competition is to develop the culture of ultra-long distance races in Latvia and to find out the fastest and most durable cyclists in the Baltics.


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On June 15, 2024, the Baltic Ultra Road Cycling Championship will start in Kuldīga, Latvia. The competition will be held according to international ultra cycling regulations, adapting them to local requirements and possibilities. Cyclists from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are invited to the start in order to determine the strongest and fastest Baltic ultra champion.

The 800-kilometer route will lead in one circle along the paved roads of Latvia and Lithuania, with a total height of about 2,000 meters.

Participants will be tasked with following the marked route on navigation devices, but fans will be able to follow the ride online at as each participant will be equipped with a GPS transmitter.

After the start in Kuldiga, the participants will have to complete the 800km long route in self-supported form within 48 hours, which means that outside help is not allowed, accompanying route is not allowed, but participants are allowed to visit shops and other publicly accessible places.


A one-circle route to be followed counter-clockwise.

Participants will receive GPX files with the route 10 days before the start, which can be loaded into their smart devices and/or cycling computers.

The route will lead only on paved roads in Latvia and Lithuania. Small sections will have to be done on the main roads of the country, the other roads will have low traffic intensity.

The route is not marked in nature, there is no closed or restricted traffic during the race.

800 km with a total height of 2000 m


The race runs from 08:00 on 15 June to 08:00 on 17 June, which means 48 hours for the 800 kilometers.

Participants plan their own moments of rest and meals.


Start and Finish in Kuldiga, on the territory of Kuldiga sports school. Moving only along the designated route, the participants must cover 800km, including the control time.


The route will lead only on asphalt roads with asphalt of different quality. It should be taken into account that road repairs are possible in some places, which can make movement difficult. Additional difficulties will be caused by the total height of 2000 meters, which means that the roads will have a pronounced relief in some places.

After the start and before the finish, the participants will have to cross the historic brick bridge in Kuldīga for Venta. The leaders, for the first 100 kilometers, will be accompanied by motorcyclists from the Pirmās motoskolas



In the 800 km distance, the winners of the women’s and men’s groups will be awarded with a 2500 EUR special coupon for the purchase of a De Rosa Merak bicycle during 2024.

Each participant will receive a commemorative gift for reaching the finish line.

The total prize pool for both distances is 7000 EUR.

The most important equipment:

  • a bicycle;
  • helmet, lights;
  • passport or ID card;
  • a smartphone, GPS device or bike computer where you can load a route and follow it;
  • GPS transmitter issued by the organizers;
  • tool kit;
  • powerbank

MEMBERSHIP FEE: 125 EUR (applying until June 6) After June 6, the fee is 160 EUR

The participant is included in the list of participants after paying the participation fee!


  • GPS transmitter for travel time;
  • Prizes for winners from De Rosa
  • useful prizes for all finishers;
  • accompanying the leaders on the route for the first 100km;
  • shower, changing room and storage room at the start/finish;
  • member’s personalized number;
  • time control;
  • fully planned route;

The most important points of the regulation:

  • The Baltic Ultra Championship in road cycling will take place on 15-17 of June 2024 in Kuldiga.
  • Two distances are available, 305 km and 800 km,
  • Each participant is given a GPS transmitter
  • The route is defined and leads only on paved roads in one circle. Riders follow a previously sent GPX file.
  • Participants ride without outside support. The use of accompanying transport is not allowed
  • It is allowed to ride in a group with other participants
  • Each participant who completes the entire route and completes the control time receives a prize for completing the distance
  • The fastest (women/men) of each distance and each group receive prizes from De Rosa. Total prize fund 7000 EUR.

Regulations of Baltic Ultra


The maximum number of Baltic Ultra participants is 100 cyclists!

From now on, every second year, the Baltic ultra championship will determine the most durable road cyclists in the Baltics.